A la carte & Menu

4 spices & cognac foie gras
Salad, pineapple & vanilla chutney, toasted bread
Oeuf cocotte from Céligny’s farm
Stir-fried seasonal mushrooms, salad & candied chestnuts
Breaded marrow bone with herbs
Salad & toasted country bread
Homemade wild boar terrine
Homemade pickles & traditional mustard
Mont d’Or snails 6 pieces
Mont d’Or snails 12 pieces
Pike quenelle & Lake crayfish
Nantua sauce
Sesame Bluefin Tuna Tataki
Julienne of crisp vegetables, wakame seaweed
Squash cream soup
Cappuccino of truffle oil, roasted hazelnut flakes
Mixted salad Chf12.-
Green salad Chf6.-
Galician Octopus
Grenaille potatoes, pepper, lemon & smoked paprika
Chf 33.-
Bluefin tuna steak
Crunchy soya, vanilla oil & basmati rice
Chf 36.-
Cocotte of scallops, char & gambas
Mashed potatoes & vegetables, shellfishes sauce
Chf 36.-
Pike quenelle & Lake crayfish
Rice, local vegetables & Nantua sauce
Chf 34.-
The stew of “pot au feu”
Beef, marrow bones, pickles, leeks, carrots, turnips & potatoes
Chf 29.-
Veal sweetbreads with seasonal mushrooms
Mashed potatoes & seasonal vegetables
Chf 34.-
Raw beef tartar
Potatoes & green salad
Chf 33.-
The Parisian entrecote
French fries, green salad & Roquefort sauce
Chf 35.-
Lamb shoulder confit with lemon, ginger & coriander
French fries & seasonal vegetables
Chf 34.-
The Mont d’Or
Steamed potatoes & green salad
Chf 26.-
The GRTA chicken breast in a blanquette style
Creemy sauce, leeks, carrots, turnips
Chf 32.-
Deer thigh meat
Chf 36.-
Deer stew
Chf 31.-
Boar rib
Chf 33.-
To accompany your dish, we offer you: Apples with cranberries, fattened cabbage with bacon, spaëtzlis & green pepper sauce
Melted tomme genevoise
Honey, salad & crispy bread
Rum baba
Chf 12.-
Warm chocolate fondant
Chf 12.-
Vanilla crème brûlée
Chf 11.-
Iced Grand Marnier soufflé
Chf 12.-
Tiramisu in its chocolate shell
Chf 12.-
Dessert of the day
Chf 8.-
Vanilla profiterole, hot chocolate & whipped cream
Chf 11.-
Gourmet coffee - Assortment of four sweet treats
Chf 11.-
Prosecco gourmet - Assortment of four sweet treats
Chf 16.-
Ice cream assortment
Chf 3.5.- la boule